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Pyōra features

Secretly a folding bike.

Pyōra is designed as a durable and comfortable bike for in the city yet it’s not a classic ‘city bike’. You can easily escape the city by folding you Pyōra. If you travel by train or car, bring your Pyōra! Pyōra makes sure that however you decide to travel it will always fit in seamlessly.

A clean belt drive.

We replaced your dirty old chain for a clean and durable belt drive. The advantage of a belt drive is that it won’t stretch so it will never hang loose or fall off accidentally. Your belt drive doesn’t need any lubrication and that’s why it stays very clean. It won’t attract dirt and that’s nice when you have to fold your bike!

Single speed gear.

The strong but simple but comfortable single speed hub gives you the right speed when pedaling.

A unique and
headstrong bike.

Pyōra is comfortable. To create a durable and beloved bike for it’s user a functional bike has to be comfortable. Pyōra combines these aspects. Due to its longer wheelbase and positioning of the fork Pyōra rides surprisingly comfortable for its class. Short or long distances, Pyōra takes you where you want to go, we call this our comfortable Pyōra Range.

Did you know…

Pyōra specifications


Frame Aluminium
Rims 18″ Aluminium, double-walled
Tires Duro H161A 18″ x 1.75 (47-355)
Transmission Optibelt OMEGA HP 1224 8M
Gears single speed with coaster brake
Front-brake Promax caliper


Unfolded 142 x 102 x 52 cm
Folded 76 x 64 x 35 cm
Shipping package 82 x 70 x 37 cm
Weight 11,8 kg (26 lbs)


Maximum weight 100 kg (220.5 lbs)
Length 140 – 190 cm